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With you can launch a professional, easy to maintain, online webshop very quickly. Suitable for the consumer market (B2C) and the business market (B2B). You can setup your webshop with using your own design or choose one of the numerous standard available templates, styles, colors and layouts.

Of course you can link your own domain to your webshop, and due to the fact that we have links with all major payment providers and banks, it is no problem to let your clients pay with iDeal, PayPal, credit cards, cash on delivery, via direct money transfer and many other payment methods.

We provide high quality technology to support search engine optimization (SEO), we were the first e-commerce platform in the Netherlands with SEO certification.

So you're at the right place if you want to start your own webshop. Try it out for free or read more at myShop E-commerce (build it yourself) and myShop Solutions (we build it for you).

The benefits of

  • Free 3 months trial period

    Experiment freely for three months with your webshop.

  • State-of-the-art technology

    A innovative platform for e-commerce and m-commerce.

  • Secure and green hosting

    For solid and environmental friendly entrepreneurship.

  • Extensive functionalities

    From a discounting system to payment methods and product reviews.

  • Support from our expert partners

    Our partners advise and want to help you.

  • Call us: +31 (23) 7114449

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Your webshop with benefits from:

Free trial period offers you the possibility to experiment with our platform for a periode of three months. Free, no obligations at all. The only limitation is that you can't use the online payment methods during the trial period. If you're ready with your webshop, you can - of coarse keeping all the work you've done - register for a payed subscription and activate the payment method you wish. Also the message in the order confirmation that it is a trial account will be automatically removed. If you want to terminate your trial, no need to take any steps: your trial account is automatically removed and no costs involved whatsoever.

State-of-the-art technology

A stable webshop platform for e-commerce and m-commerce. By Verizon Terremark, our hosting provider, load balancers control continuously the load. They regulate the traffic by spreading the data over different servers. Therefore it is very unlikely that your webshop is unreachable due to high traffic loads. Also when a server goes down, the other servers take over automatically, therefore guarantee an uptime of almost 100%

Extensive possibilities

The power of is the seamless integration of your data (Excel, database, ownn system) in an advanced webshop. We have connectors to many different systems like financial and checkout systems, payment providers, affiliate marketing, CRM services, ERP systems and many others. Our partner development platform offers the possibility thru generic connectors to link with any system you like. We can build your custom connector. is very flexible and scalable. Not only from a quantitative view but also seen from a functional perspective. Any custom development can be seamlessly integrated in your webshop running on the platform.

Safe and green hosting

You don't have to think about security: your webshop is monitored 24/7. Firewalls protect your webshop agains attacks, spyware, spam, viruses, etc. All applications of the platform run under the Secure Sockets Layer Protocol (SSL). This is the standard security protocol for websites to exchange data reliable. All data is encrypted and secured with secret keys when communicating to other services.

Because web servers, routers, load balancers and firewalls use a lot of energy, the our responsible for one of the highest CO2 emissions. We at want to be environmentally conscious and responsible when it comes to entrepreneurship. Therefore we selected a data centre take care of our norms and values. Verizon Terremark is CO2 neutral and uses green energy.

Support from partners

Our business partners deliver services, software and connectors which give you the possibility to extend the functionality of your website to your needs. An example is the development of your webshop with your own design; you can do it yourself, outsource it to one of our partners or we can do it for you via myShop Solutions. We have many partners, from branding, legal and design to SEO, SEA and fulfilment. From financial packages end CRM systems to mailing providers and comparison sites.

Personal contact

Want to know more from Cal us at +31 (23) 711 4449. You can also send your questions to our helpdesk by e-mail or ticketing system. You'll get quick a clear answer. Users of the professional subscriptions also can get support by telephone. Our team of the e-mail and telephone support are there for you every working day from 9:00 - 17:00 CET.

Custom made

Do you want certain functionalities or connectors which we or our partners don't provide yet? No problem, the consultants and developers of myShop Solutions can offer you custom developments for your webshop. They know all ins and outs of the E-commerce platform due to many years of experience. All your custom made functionalities can be seamless integrated in your webshop. This can be very beneficial because you only have the very specific functionalities be made for you. See myShop Solutions.

The best of both worlds